great shoes

Do Great Shoes Make You Successful? Great shoes cannot make you successful on their own, but they are a great way to get people to notice that you exist. You probably think that people do not see your shoes when they are just walking across a room, but you would be wrong. It is really easy for people to see your shoes, and they want to give you the compliments you deserve. The compliments turn into a reputation, and you will have more success before you know it. This whole process starts with you finding great shoes in the first place. You cannot find success just because you wore one pair of shoes, but you will be able to get[…]

zap fashion

Best Dressed Professionals Tips on how to dress like a professional In the field of fashion, everything keeps on changing in every single minute. Today a trouser can be the latest and stylistic in the market just to wake up the following day to find it is already an outdated fashion. For one to keep the pace, he/she must be updated a day after the other about the trending fashions. It is usually difficult to make one’s brand to be identified and to sell to the local and international market. For the few fashion designers who have made this recommendable progress have relied on marketing strategy and remain relevant to their customers for long. Nowadays, everyone needs to look smart,[…]